Lights, Camera, BLINK!

Chef Cristian Pietoso proudly hosts the first ever BLINK Dining Experience at Via Vite. Food and art meet at the table and in the dining room. You will enjoy a Four Course Menu with an Option to include a 1 Wink or 2 Wink Blink Drink Package that will include three wine pairings and a dessert cocktail. Diners will be surrounded by a light installation in the restaurant itself. Ambiance set by a mystic haze will truly make this an experiential dinner unlike any other.


Via Vite Restaurant excitedly announced a BLINK Experience within the windowed walls of its recently renovated Fountain Square restaurant. Chef Cristian Pietoso marries food and art with all that is BLINK. Guests will enjoy an unofficial stop on the BLINK tour with a curated menu lighting up artistry in the dishes and surrounding ambiance, a “gioco di luci”, with lights from Prestige Lighting. BLINK incorporates magnificent light displays with equal parts creativity and imagination. Via Vite and Chef Cristian Pietoso invite you to experience the added Taste of BLINK.

Features and benefits of Via Vite’s BLINK experience include:

  • Curated Four-Course dinner ($75 pp) with optional drink add-ons.
  • Specialty BLINK Drink options ($25 or $50 pp) adds wine and cocktail pairings for each course.
  • Unique BLINK Cincinnati Dinner Experience with light-deco installation ambiance.

Chef Cristian will be serving:

Via Vite’s BLINK Experience will be available October 13th, 14th, and 15th, for $75 per person (plus tax and gratuity) prepaid through OpenTable. To make reservations for Via Vite’s Blink Dinner, CLICK HERE.

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